About Live. Love. Organized.

I started Live. Love. Organized. out of the passion that everything has a 'Home."  I witnessed how this empowered not only adults, business owners, but also teens & children.  Take the organizing challenge with me, it will transform your life.  I promise.

Why I love to Organize!

Welcome to Live. Love. Organized, and thank you for your interest!

I have an unshakable desire to help you tackle the clutter that overwhelms you!

Decluttering was a form of therapy for me growing up. As the oldest of four siblings, I took on a supportive role for my single-parent mother. I would continuously subtract from their spaces what no longer served us, created homes for our belonging, re-arranged furniture, and created beauty to my heart’s content. Speaking of "heart," I designed my own unique folding technique that simplicity of the heart to folding.  It is a technique you don't have to memorize like so many other folding methods,  just follow your heart.

Being an organizer is engraved in my DNA! No matter where life has taken me, organizing has been a skill that I’ve used as an MBA executive in organizations. I streamlined processes and create effective systems in every position I held.

When I work with my clients, my goal is that everything has a “home” so that your home has a natural flow and rhythm that supports your dreams and goals. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something at your fingertips and not being able to find it or having to search for something in a sea of junk drawers.

I believe that if my clients’ homes FUNCTION for them and support where they currently are in life. Their lives would be a lot simpler, thus reducing their stress.

I understand that organizing isn’t a one size fits all; what works for one person may not work for another, as the Director of Professional Development for the NAPO Virtual Chapter (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals). I am always adding to my tool belt of skills to teach and empower my clients, always with a compassionate hug near-by. 

My highest satisfaction is watching the transformations organizing brings not only to the spaces but to the peace and joy my clients experience when they say: “Hey, I know where that goes!” or “Jillian, I’ve been looking for that. I can’t believe you found it”.